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BoomerLife Magazine

    December 2009: Steppin' Out in Style

    October 2009: A perfect — and modern — hairstyle is do-able

    August - September 2009: "Does This Purse Make Me Look Fat?"; Don’t be left holding the wrong bag

    June - July 2009: "Barbie may be 50 but she’s always been ahead of her time"

    April 2009: "Throw them...Out of the Closet"; Spring is a fitting time to sort through your clothes...

    February 2009: Face Time; How long will the procedure last? Will people know? Have you ever looked in the mirror and felt like you look older than you feel? Even if you take care of yourself, eat right and exercise, you can never “lifestyle away” wrinkles...

    December 2008: In-SPA-rations; Once thought to be perhaps frivolous or self-indulgent and reserved for the rich and famous, a spa visit is now considered a wonderful way to de-stress, relax and rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit...

    October 2008: Boomer Life's Amazing Makeover Contest; Winner Cathy Clark was picked because of her touching entry letter letting us know that even though her granddaughter liked her “donkey hair” hairstyle, she was ready to let it go. Our team enjoyed our pick even more when we learned she’d never had a beauty treatment or massage...

    August 2008: "How to look like a million bucks — without breaking the bank"; Looking like a million bucks is not about who can spend the most money. It is about knowing when it is best to splurge and when it is OK to economize. So whether you have many commas in your net worth, or just one decimal — here are some quick and easy ways that you can still turn the heads of the rich and famous.


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